7 Days in Switzerland!

Switzerland is easily one of the most breathtaking, beautiful place I have ever been. And I live in Colorado with the Rocky Mountains. Something about those Alps seriously just knocked me off my feet!

Anyways, here are all the places I ended up going during my time. Some of my all-time favorite areas were Interlaken/Grindelwald and Bern!

interlaken / grindelwald area

My number one suggestion for this area is to hike up and around Mt Faulhorn

What I did:

  • From Grindelwald, we followed trail signs to First / Mt Faulhorn. Make sure to get a visitors map at the information center in Grindelwald, as there are many different routes you can take to get to Faulhorn, depending on how much time and energy you have.

  • Hiked 4 hours up to Mt Faulhorn and stayed at the Faulhorn Hotel (dorm room)

  • The next day, we hiked a different path down to Schynige Platte, and then all the way to Burglaunnen

We packed light (a hydrapack with snacks, clean socks, and toiletries) and trail ran up and down, which ended up being around 25 miles in total! SUCH a blast!


  • We parked our car in Grindelwald, although you could start in other places that are smaller/not as touristy/not as expensive, like Burglaunnen

  • Reserve your room at Faulhorn Hotel in advance - the rooms can fill up!

  • You can take a train from Schyinge Platte back to Burglaunnen/Grindelwald, but it was pretty pricey (40 CFH each ticket), so we opted to run the additional 2.5 hours of hiking/trail running (mostly downhill, thank goodness!) to Burglaunnen


Watching the sunset and sunrise at Faulhorn Hotel was seriously one of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen. I mean, look at the photos! And imagine… these don’t even come close to doing the landscape justice.

Also, the hike from Faulhorn to Schyinge Platte was SO so gorgeous. Easily my favorite stretch of hiking, so I highly recommend either going up or down to/from Faulhorn on this trail. Going up would be a much more gradual uphill than the route we took from Grindelwald.

Seriously, the views from this part of the trip were the most jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring ones of my life. Definitely don’t miss out on this! 


Amazing lakes & gorgeous Alps

What I did:

  • I walked around town to explore the Castle, Lion Fountain, Lake paths, Historical Lucerne, Bridges

  • Hiked up Mt Pilatus! Also an amazing hike with awesome views of the Alps


  • To hike up Mt Pilatus, here is what we did:

    • Rode up the cable car to the first train station, got out, hiked up to the second cable car station (~1.5 hours up), had tea, then hiked down the mountain all the way to Stansstad (you can do a slightly shorter hike to Hergiswil)

    • Caught the ferry back to Lucerne, which was a great way to see the coastline, although pretty pricey as well (~19 CFH)

  • Getting TO Lucerne was also pretty easy by train. Download the SBB Mobile or GoEuro apps to buy tickets on the go or see prices. You can also purchase train tickets pretty easily at the station!


Mt Pilatus was definitely one of my favorite parts of the trip. Be prepared for a steep climb if you’re hiking! Otherwise, you can take the cable car up all the way to the top if you wanted.

As far as food goes, one afternoon I worked remotely and ate at Tibits, which is a vegetarian-friendly/focused cafe! Highly recommend!


A magic city nestled in a river valley


What I did:

  • I walked around the historic district (SO many pretty things!)

    • Rose Garden

    • Bear Pit

    • Main central district of Old Town

  • Went to the top of Gurten (awesome views of Bern and surrounding region)


  • To go up Gurten:

    • Catch a bus to the Gurten stop and take a furnicular to the top!

    • If you want, you can hike up, but it’s fairly steep


Seeing the city from above in the Rose Garden and Gurten were both highlights. If I went back, I’d probably try to get to the Rose Garden around sunset to see the city in the golden light! I bet it would be gorgeous.


A bustling city with lots to do!


HIstoric district of zurich

Lots of little shops and restaurants!

What I did:

  • Walked around historical district of Zurich

  • Worked at the Zurich Library

  • Went to (many) vegetarian cafes

  • Ran along the lake


  • Getting around Zurich is pretty easy as it’s a very walkable city. If you need to hop on the train, that’s also pretty easy from Zurich HB (main central station). You can buy your tickets at the station or on your mobile app (SBB Mobile).


I ate at Tibits and Hiltl for some awesome vegan/vegetarian food. It’s (no doubt) pretty pricey, but the food is delicious and gives you a nice break from the usual meat+potato combo of normal Swiss food.

I also did work from the main library in Zurich and it was awesome! Definitely worth checking out if you have time. I am forever impressed by the Swiss organization and order haha. It was a spotless library!

Lastly, just walking around the historical district is real cute. I didn’t actually stop at any restaurants for food, but there seemed to be a ton of places to eat and was a very lively place in the evenings. Would definitely go back here if I were in Zurich again!

Last Things to Know:

  1. Switzerland is expensive. Think between $20-30 USD for a standard meal!

  2. Public Transit is very reliable and extensive, although it can get pretty pricey.

  3. The mountains will awe you. 100% prepare to cry.

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