Brr y’all, winter is HERE.

Courtesy of HBO

Courtesy of HBO

I grew up in San Diego, CA.

Which means that I am a total baby when it comes to dealing with the cold.

Which also means I take my winter gear VEEEERY seriously! Lots of folks have asked me what my favorite winter gear is, especially when it comes to being outdoors! And with my recent cross-country roadtrip with my Dad through Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and California, I DEFINITELY got to test out my gear. So here is a roundup of my favorite items:

Jacket: Marmot’s Featherless Component Jacket


  • Marmot MemBrain® Waterproof/Breathable Fabric

  • 100% Seam Taped 2-layer Construction

  • Zippered Hand Pockets

  • Zippered Chest Pocket

  • Internal Zip Pocket

  • Elastic Drawcord Hem

  • Angel-Wing Movement™

  • 3M™ Thinsulate™ Featherless Insulation Liner Jacket


  • 2 jackets in 1: You can remove the inner layer as a standalone jacket!

  • Stays warm even when it gets wet (which isn’t the case with normal down jackets)

  • SUPER warm and breathable - has been great for Colorado’s snow days so far!

  • Deep pockets that are also lined and super warm (great for hands that always get cold like mine!)

  • The inside doesn’t stick to your skin like some down jackets do (it’s so warm sometimes I just wear t-shirts under the inner layer)


  • It’s on the pricier side (but TBH, I plan on buying this and using it FOREVA)

  • Outer shell is a little on the boxier side (not fitted), which is fine by me, but not always the cutest fit

Wearing both the inner coat and outer shell on the left, just the inner shell on the right

Inner Layers: Wool base/thermal layers


  • Merino Wool — soft and breathable wool tends to make ideal first layers for high-performance cold-weather activities

    • My faves are from REI

  • Polyamide / Elastane Blends — Quick drying, sweat-wicking, comfortable and supportive, layers with these blends tend to do great for skiing and snowboarding (or general winter activities)

  • Polyester Blend — I just have this sweater from Lorna Jane and it is just my fave

Source: New Balance


  • Material: 84% Polyester and 16% Black Spandex

  • Cold weather fabric: Capture warmth, Wicks dry, Lightweight

  • Branded internal plush elastic waistband and pocket on side


  • Reflective trims keep you safe when you’re out running in the reduced daylight of winter!

  • Elastic waistband means your leggings won’t slip down!

  • Pockets are CLUTCH — you can store your keys and cards when running

  • They are very warm!! The warmest leggings I’ve tried by far

  • Aaaand I never feel cold because my sweat is just pooling (dry wick technology, FTW!)

  • I wore JUST these leggings in 10-30 degree weather and was warm! Now that’s impressive.


  • Not a huge fan by how many reflective strips there are (I like minimalist thangs), but heyo safety is key I suppose!

Socks: Wool Socks

REI has a bunch of great weight options: Lightweight, Midweight, and Heavyweight

Bombas socks has a great mission: for every pair of socks purchased, a pair of socks are donated to homeless shelters in the US.

Smartwool is also a great, high quality option for Merino Wool.

Either way, look for socks that have a high percentage of wool in the blend! Wool is great for trapping heat, but also being breathable enough that you’re not sweaty. Also, they won’t get as stinky!

Boots: Sorel and Vasque

I have a pair of Women’s Winter Fancy Lace II Boot — they are waterproof and much more slim looking than your normal chunkers for winter boots! A similar model is the Women’s Slimpack II Lace Boot.

(I also have a pair of the Vasque Talus hiking boots that are waterproof. Highly recommend these for folks with wide feet!)


  • Après-ski boots keep feet warm on winter streets

  • Full-grain and oiled suede provides waterproof protection

  • Synthetic insulation retains warmth when wet

  • Molded footbed with arch support for day-long comfort

  • Vulcanized rubber shell provides extra protection from snow


  • These are great winter boots for slugging through rain and snow

  • The inner lining is VERY warm

  • They don’t look as chunky/outdoorsy as normal winter boots — plus it has a little heel!

  • I’ve had mine for 3 years and they still look like new!


  • They are still a little chunky (wouldn’t wear them out)

  • The heel gave me a little trouble with my bad knee :P

Sorel boots on the left, Vasque boots on the right

Sorel boots here with REI midweight wool socks

Sorel boots here with REI midweight wool socks

Beanie: REI

Just your basic knit beanie from REI. I got mine right before my trip and it was awesome. Very warm!

Scarf: HyggeLife

I can’t say good enough things about this scarf. It was a LIFESAVER. SO warm, but so breathable. And versatile AF. Use it as a scarf, a throw, a blanket, or a towel. Now THAT is some functional Scandinavian design.

Wearing my Marmot down alternative jacket, REI beanie and HyggeLife throw here!

Wearing my Marmot down alternative jacket, REI beanie and HyggeLife throw here!


I used two during my trip: 2XU Running Gloves and Heavy Duty Skiing Gloves (for windy days). I have pretty poor circulation in my hands so finding good gloves is a must. Also using handwarmers. VERY key.

These are my 2XU gloves. They are smart screen friendly too!

These are my 2XU gloves. They are smart screen friendly too!

WELL, that’s it!

Those are my top recommendations for winter gear. I hope this helps! Let me know if y’all have some fave winter gear that you use as well. I’d love to hear!

Now get out there and enjoy this beautiful earth of ours! <3