Let’s get hiking, y’all.

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If y’all have been following, you KNOW I spend most of my weekends outdoors. Hiking, trail running, cycling, climbing, camping, backpacking… if it’s outside, I’m there.

SO many of y’all have asked about what to pack when it comes to hiking! Recently, I got to spend a whole day in North Bay doing all of my favorite things, in just the span of 30 hours: yoga, paddelboarding, hiking, cycling, and of course… eating. All with a crew of some seriously badass women! Thank you to @backcountry and @shopstyle for putting together this event. I’m still feeling beyond #blessed that I got to be a part of it!

But anyways, back to the deals.

Because let’s be real, I’m all about those deals.

ALSO as an FYI: Summer may be coming to a close, but this is actually a great time to stock up on hiking essentials (hi hello, end of season deals on deals, just around the corner!)

SO, without any further ado, here are my tips for anyone who is:

  • New to hiking

  • Wants to prep for longer hikes

  • Wants to do more day hikes

If you’re looking for trail running or camping / backpacking essentials…. let me know! I can do a separate write up for that :)


Your hike essentials check list:


  • Backpack

    • I prefer one that has space for a bladder, chest straps, and front pockets (for easy access to a phone for the pics!)

  • Fanny pack — I don’t have one, but I’ve seen a ton of folks use one and they seem HANDY AF

Clothing & footwear


  • sunscreen

  • chapstick

  • tissues

Snacks / Other essentials

  • PerfectBar :) or your favorite bars

  • PB&J (seriously, pack a sandwich. Eating one halfway through a hike is HEAVEN)

  • hiking poles

  • band-aids/first aid

Some top questions:

Should I get hiking boots or trail running shoes?

TOTALLY your preference. I personally prefer trail running shoes most of the time because I find that my balance and feet are more responsive are in them. I find hiking shoes to be clunky (and actually TOO restrictive), but awesome for winter hikes or hikes where I know there’s a lot of water/mud.

Do I actually need hiking poles?

Guys, I have JUST discovered the magic of hiking poles. They are a GODSEND for your knees on the downhill. But they also help prevent early leg fatigue on the uphills! If your hike is long or strenuous, definitely consider investing in hiking poles. Don’t wait until you’re 60 and your knees hurt. Start using them NOW and then you won’t be in pain in your 60s!

How do I prevent blisters?

This has a lot to do with how your shoes rub on your feet. First off, make sure you have shoes that fit your feet size and shape well. Other than that, you can do other preventative things like cutting your toenails, using vaseline or Hike Goo, and slapping on bandaids where you’re prone to get blisters.

Do I really need all those layers?

It’s easier to strip away layers then it is to magically warm up! However, the beginning of the hike is ALWAYS freezing, and you’ll always warm up within the first 15-45 minutes. I usually start with a tank + long sleeve + puffer jacket. If it’s a tall summit and I know it’ll be windy, I’ll pack but leave in my backpack a windbreaker, gloves, and hat!

Otherwise, some people tell me to be bold, start cold…. aka just start with the least amount of layers so you don’t get them sweaty!

What is backcountry?

Backcountry’s mission, at it’s core, is: “We get people who get outside—plain and simple. This is about gear, grit, and connecting people to their passions.” They are an online retailer, and they work “to provide the best outdoor gear—and to be the best at doing it”.

What is shopstyle?

ShopStyle is the leading fashion and lifestyle shopping platform to search, explore and find exactly what you’re looking for - all in one place. “We partner with top brands - new and established - to provide the best selection of fashion, beauty, and home products available on the web. And our unparalleled search technology helps you find exactly what you're looking for, even if you don’t know what that is yet.”

Got any discount codes?

I sure do! Use code FITPHAM15 for 15% off your first order on (exclusions apply).


Well, I hope this checklist helps!

Get out there and enjoy the last few months of summer for me, will ya? And let me know what kind of adventures you’re getting up to. #FindYourBackcountry #backcountry #StokeSeries